SD1446 Transistor - HG (matched pair)
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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 21 December, 2016.

SD1446 Transistor - HG (matched pair)

Model SD1446
Manufacturer Huagao Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
Price:   $ 48.00
SD1446 - HG Semiconductor (matched pair) Silicone NPN Transistor. These transistors are individually hFE beta gain tested and the performance value is etched in pencil on the device cover. Quantities of more then 1 pc will be performance tested and matched with others of the same or closest hFE beta gain test value. DO NOT operate this device ABOVE 15vdc . 50 MHz . 12.5 VOLTS . EFFICIENCY 55% . COMMON EMITTER . GOLD METALLIZATION . POUT = 70 W MIN. WITH 10 dB GAIN. MANUFACTURER DATA SHEET available at